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Tiffany Okafor

The witchy bitchy author

Tiffany Okafor Bwsq

Tiffany Okafor is a best-selling author, speaker, and coach based in Durham, NC. For over 10 years, Okafor has studied and mastered effective communication skills and psychological techniques that promote self-improvement and spiritual healing. As a speaker and coach, Tiffany takes a no-nonsense approach to helping people become the most confident and happiest versions of themselves in business and their personal lives. Her best-selling book, Bitchy, provides an even deeper insight into the techniques she believes will allow people to dive deeper in love with themselves and their lives. When she's not leading online trainings and coaching clients, she's connecting with her ever-growing community through her popular YouTube channel—the go-to online resource for ambitious people who want to live happier. For more, visit