Anyone can tell a story!

Our original and signature format

The Monti Signature Series

The Monti is our original and signature format.  It debuted in Chapel Hill on April 22, 2008 to a SOLD OUT crowd in a private room upstairs at Spice Street.  The Monti is a curated series where storytellers are invited to share their stories, as opposed to our other format, The Monti StorySLAM (see below). 

Stories told at The Monti are honest, revealing, vulnerable, funny, poignant, and everything in between. It is impossible to leave The Monti without having been moved in some way by the stories heard. 

There are four requirements that all stories must follow:

  1. All stories are true.
  2. All stories are told without the use of notes.
  3. All stories adhere to the twelve minute time limit.
  4. All stories must revolve around a predetermined theme.

Featured Stories from The Monti

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Competitive storytelling for narrative dominance

The Monti StorySLAM

The Monti StorySLAM made its debut in Durham, NC on March 12, 2009 at Alivia’s Durham Bistro. Unlike The Monti Signature Series (see above), anyone with a story to tell has a chance to tell a one at The Monti StorySLAM. Also, this is a competitive event, so there will be judges in the audience. At each event, there will be eight storytellers chosen at random; each story is five minutes long; one winner will be declared at the end of the night.

Winners from each StorySLAM will qualify for The Monti GrandSLAM which occurs once eight winners have been determined. The GrandSLAM brings the winners back to compete for the ultimate title of The Monti GrandSLAMpion!

NOTE: You DO NOT have to tell a story to attend. You can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We publicize a theme (eg. Crushes.)
  2. You think, “Hey, I have a story for that theme!”
  3. You buy a ticket.
  4. You practice your five-minute story at home and in your car.
  5. You show up and fill out a release form stating that you would like to tell a story 
  6. During the show, our host will pick names from a hat at random, one at a time, and each person called will have five minutes to tell their story.
  7. After eight stories have been told, one winner will be declared!

Featured Stories from The Monti StorySLAM

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