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Tiffany Christian

Mother, scholar, and shopper extraordinaire

Tiffany Christian Bw

Tiffany’s story began in rural South Carolina and winds its way through Germany, the French West Indies, Uganda, Tanzania, and into the mountains of North Carolina where she lives with her husband, Ray, and their four children, Rayanna (17), RJ (16), Rayna (9) and Raylen (9).  The current chapter of her life includes teaching at Appalachian State University, leading mission trips to Uganda, and being involved in community theatre. Perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of her life is that she has 7 degrees (BA’s in English and French,  MEd and EdS in Counselor Education, MSW and PhD is Social, and MA in Theological Studies) but still has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up.  However, she hopes that whatever it ends up being, there is a giraffe involved.