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Steph Bryant

Pub Run Coordinator and Registered Dietitian

Steph Bryant Bw

Steph was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from college she moved to Carrboro on a whim for what was supposed to be only one year. 10 years later she is still here, with roots that have grown very deep in this community. Her circuitous path has taken her from working for non-profits and restaurants to the outdoor and running industries. Her love of food and teaching led her to pursue a Masters in Public Health Nutrition at UNC. Today she works as a dietitian in a pediatric obesity clinic. Steph channels much of her creative energy and shameless enthusiasm into coordinating the Station Pub Run on Tuesday evenings, where runners gather each week to run and drink beer. She has been described by her fellow runners as “a combination of persistent and optimistic”, meaning she’ll peer pressure anyone and everyone into attending this weekly run.