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Sheila Simpson

Zumba fitness instructor

Sheila Simpson Bw

Sheila Simpson is an avid supporter of The Monti and has attended numerous storytelling shows starting with its inception in 2008. She is a Navy Veteran who works at the Durham VA Medical Center. Her passion for fitness came to fruition when she became a Licensed Zumba Fitness instructor. She spends her free time teaching fitness classes and running. She’s a member of several running groups and mentors her own group in the winter to prepare new runners for race season in the spring. Her most noteworthy accomplishment this year is completing the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge January 2016 by running a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and a Full Marathon in one weekend. Yes, that’s 48.6 miles running and she LOVED IT!

She is a native Californian, who lives in Creedmoor, NC and training to run the Marine Corp Marathon October, 2016.