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Sarah Hughes

Investment Manager and Amateur Anthologist

Sarah Hughes Bwsq

Growing up in Amish country, Sarah became a lover of the outdoors. Sarah's exploration of the woods piqued her interest to see more of the world. Sarah traveled to the UK and lived in England for a year. She enjoys history, anthropology, poetry, and the writings of Henry David Thoreau. Like Thoreau, Sarah finds peace in taking walks in the woods. Sarah is also a dabbler of languages and is currently learning Swedish, Polish, Danish, German, and French. When she isn't managing investment assets at work or fundraising for a non-profit, she loves watching movies, traveling, and hanging out with her family. Sarah is also an addict of drinking tea and reading. Having once worked at UNC's Rare Book Collection, Sarah loves to find those true gems, books written on sheep’s skin or documents from 800 AD. Sarah is currently working on her first book, a collection of short stories.