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Sam Peterson

Transgender writer and performer

Sam Peterson Bw

Sam Peterson was raised by a community of cats, and is therefore exceedingly grateful for the internet. Sam is an artist and writer living in Carrboro, where he plans to produce a calendar titled “Curmudgeons of Carrboro,” with himself as December. His book, TRUNKY (transgender junky): A Memoir of Institutionalization and Southern Hospitality, will be available this fall from Transgress Press. TRUNKY is the story of his time spent in one of North Carolina’s finest rehabs, as a transgender man on the men’s ward. He also draws exquisitely detailed animal portraits and miniature album covers, teaches individual art classes to kids of all ages, and does home repairs, so you should hire him to do all the things. Support the arts and local artists! (Written by an anonymous biographer not actually Sam.)