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Sam Pearsall

Retired. Now known to his wife as "The Help"

Sam Pearsall Bw

Sam Pearsall is a large-systems ecologist who spent his career working on conservation issues, mainly in TN, NC and the South Pacific.  He retired in January 2013, and he’s turning out to be better at retirement than at anything he ever tried before.  Even so, he continues to do volunteer work on Roanoke River conservation issues.  He lives in Raleigh with Linda who retired in 2014.  They are gardening, peddling, paddling, puttering (lots of puttering!) and traveling all over the place in a tiny camper.  Sam does hand drumming and makes fused glass.  Linda knits and weaves.  Sam took up storytelling to non-captive audiences at the Monti StorySLAM in August 2013, and has never looked back.  Linda wonders how long this can go on.