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Rachel Hazlett

Mother, cook, documentarian

Rachel Hazlett Bw

Rachel Hazlett was born and raised in Northern California. She studied print journalism in college with a passion for environmental politics and social activism. Later, she became interested in documentary filmmaking and taught herself how to produce and edit video while making her first documentary about a landfill in Chatham County. In 2011, Rachel was commissioned to direct and produce a documentary film about children’s mental health issues; “Behind The Seen” premiered in May 2012. She now works as a freelance video producer and editor. In 2013, she started a business called Dinner & Pie, which offers customized meals for her clients to enjoy at home. Rachel spends most of her time mothering her six-year-old son, Kale, who is the light of her life. Kale entertains his mom with his bright sense of humor and she finds great joy in watching him discover the world and excel in school, piano, and soccer.