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Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell

Photographer, Strategy Consultant, and Writer

Noah Rosenblatt Farrell Bw

Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell is a photographer, strategy consultant, and writer. He studied English Literature at Georgetown University and has a PhD from the Duke University Department of Art, Art History, & Visual Studies. His dissertation—titled Corporate Strategies and Student Bodies: The Emergence of School Portraiture as Genre in Twentieth Century Photography—offered the first academic history and theorization of a practice that has become ritualized in American culture, as well as the business planning responsible for such unprecedented market penetration. In 2005, he realized his dream of working from home, where he enjoys the company of his wife, Coco, and their daughter, Tehila. He also greatly values having the freedom to get up from his desk in order to step outside and enjoy fresh air whenever it pleases him.