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Nick Hawthorne-Johnson


Nick Hawthorne Johnson Bw

Nick Hawthorne-Johnson was born and raised in Durham, NC. He returned to Durham in 2001, after five years abroad, and co-founded Bull City Restoration. Through his company, Hawthorne-Johnson restores beautiful historic homes in central Durham and rents these properties to local residents. In order to preserve both Durham's architecture, as well as it's culturally diverse fabric, BCR maintains half of it's properties in low-income price ranges. While Nick was away from his hometown, he lived in India, Australia, and aboard a boat in the waters of the Caribbean. Most recently, Nick spent 2009 driving from Durham, North Carolina to Buenos Aires Argentina in an old truck with his wife, Rochelle and their dog. Nick is now pursuing a career as an acupuncturist in Durham, where he has a private practice.