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Janet Elbetri

Co-owner of Sandwhich

Janet Elbetri Bw

Janet Elbetri was born in Cleveland, Ohio to a “totally southern” family. She was regularly corrected by her otherwise very groovy mom on things like “where the dessert spoon goes” and how to pronounce “orange” and “Florida.” The fact that she was secretly learning Latvian at the neighbor’s house didn’t help things on the pronunciation front. Luckily she ended up at the University of North Carolina and learned to be the southerner that she sort of is. After a stint in Italy, and another in New York, she finds herself cozily nestled in Chapel Hill with her wonderful 8 year-old son, a 21 year-old cat, 2 fish, a Carolina wren and a lizard, the last two of whom live outside but are nevertheless part of the family. Janet works in marketing, and also co-owns the restaurant Sandwhich.