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Gail LeBauer


Gail Lebauer Bw

Gail LeBauer received a combined Baccalaureate and Nursing degree at Duke, while receiving a grant for her education from the National Institute of Mental Health, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1965. She has also been a member of the Greensboro Jewish community since 1971 and has held many leadership roles, both in the secular and the religious communities of Greensboro. Gail has conducted many seminars and group classes in Greensboro, including grief counseling, sex education for teens and for adults, metaphysical-psycho-spiritual classes, and various other courses on Anti-Semitism, interfaith relations, Judaism and its relation to the world at large. Gail also has worked as psychiatric nurse practitioner in Greensboro since 1978 and is presently employed in Behavioral Medicine at the LeBauer Healthcare, PA of the Moses Cone Hospital system. Gail is the wife of Eugene LeBauer, M.D., mother of two sons and one daughter, and grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren.