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Claudia Martinez-Wayman

Monkey Wrangler

Claudia Martinez Wayman Bw

After graduating from Duke in 1999 with a degree in Comparative Area Studies and a minor in Japanese, Claudia took off to explore the world. She worked in a rural town in southern Japan for a couple of years as an agent of globalization (the good kind, not the corporate profit-hungry kind), and then returned to the US to obtain her Masters in International Education. After spending a few years working with the Hispanic Mother/Daughter Program at Arizona State University to create opportunities for first-generation college-bound Latinas, she decided to change course and embark on the most challenging and rewarding job of her career – Stay-at-Home Mom.  Claudia currently lives in Durham with her husband, Nate, their two delightful little monkeys, Maya & Sadie, and their long suffering Akita, Ama.  She is also the owner and designer behind Snuggly Monkey, a collection of two Etsy shops that bring whimsy to the everyday and enable crafters to dream.