Anyone can tell a story!
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Carter Kersh

Marketing Guy

Carter Kersh Bw

Carter Kersh learned story- and joke-telling as a means of survival. When he began his freshman year of high school he was 4’10” tall, weighed roughly 98 pounds, and had a set of front teeth that would have made a beaver weep. (Oddly, he thought he stood a pretty good chance of losing his virginity that year, but that’s neither here nor there.) The football team realized early on that he fit neatly into lockers and the trashcans that moonlighted as spit cans for the tobacco dippers. His sole defense mechanism was telling jokes and stories to entertain people long enough that they forgot to drop him into the spittoons.

Though his motivations these days may be somewhat less urgent, Carter has continued telling stories. By day, he practices a form of institutionalized storytelling as a marketing leader for a high tech company. At night, he tells stories to his 2 children and, when his children and lovely wife are finally asleep, he resumes hunting down the former members of his high school football team so he can exact his sweet sweet sweet revenge.