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Carlos Salinas

Humanist and World Citizen

Carlos Salinas Bw

Originally from Lima, Peru, Carlos lived in Cusco from ages 5 to 17. After attending college in Lima, he moved to Madrid, Spain for a Master's Program in Electrical Engineering. During one of the countless "marchas" in Madrid he met an American girl who kidnapped his heart and convinced him to move to the Big Apple. He lived in different parts of NY, learning about her Jewish culture and doing odd jobs while learning English, then moved to Austin, TX for a job in high tech and then to Chapel Hill with the same company. Currently, Carlos works as a Hardware Engineer at Sensus. During the weekends, he enjoys playing soccer or tennis, or cooking for friends and experimenting in the kitchen. He also enjoys dancing to Latin music and swing. He has three kids: Emma, 18; Matteo, 16; and Rose, 8 months old. Carlos lives in downtown Durham with his wife, whom he met dancing and married in April 2018. He's never told stories in public before, but is discovering that what he considers ordinary is extraordinary to other people.