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Ari Medoff

2nd of 6...but 1st in glory

Ari Medoff Bw

Ari Medoff was born in Durham, raised in Greensboro, and is happy to have returned home after a decade in the wilds of NYC and Boston. He’s a proud graduate of Duke, HBS, the Kennedy School, and Durham Tech. Ari is the CEO of Nurse Care of North Carolina, the premier in-home care and healthcare staffing company in the Triangle. Ari’s wife, Diana, is a 3-time Monti ninja and edits all of his public speeches to make sure that the jokes are at least mildly amusing. Ari and Diana have two children, Shai and Juliet. Shai (aka “Spike”) thinks his dad’s stories about Sammy the Fireman are riveting. Especially when Ari does not fall asleep in the middle of telling them.