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Anna Pinckney Straight

Preacher, Parent, Planner

Anna Pinckney Straight Bw

Anna spent the first eighteen years of her life in Charleston, South Carolina. From there, she moved to Atlanta (Agnes Scott College ’93) and then on to New York City (Union Theological Seminary ’96), where she realized that not only did she love the city, she loved the north—the people, the places, and even (especially) the snow. So she stayed north.  First there was a wonderful congregation in West Virginia for five years and then an equally wonderful church in Pennsylvania for another five.  In 2006, much to her surprise and delight, she answered a call to Chapel Hill and University Presbyterian Church.  She says it’s just south enough. The family team includes Ben the microbiologist and a preteen daughter who thinks her parents don’t know that she sneakily reads under the covers with a flashlight way past her bedtime.