Anyone can tell a story!
We produce two different types of shows: The Monti and The Monti StorySLAM.
“I love both The Monti and The Monti StorySLAM.  When I want a guarantee of finely crafted narratives, I go to The Monti; when I want great stories that are raw and unexpected, I go to the SLAMs.  They’re perfect complements!”
Lori Hensley, 2009 Hippo Award Winner
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The Monti
May 28, 2020 at 8:00pm
Zoom Webinar
People are the Worst

If you are looking for the ZOOM link for tonight's virtual event and connot locate it:

Who irks you most? The chump who just swerved into your lane without using a turn signal? The guy who passive aggressively CC’s your boss on an email? That grinning roommate that can’t stop talking about their morning workout before you’ve had your morning coffee? What about line cutters? Loud chewers? People who yell at wait staff?

Let’s face it. Sometimes people are just… the worst. But for once, let’s embrace that truth without feeling guilty and revel in our relatable annoyances. Join us for a night of virtual storytelling about times we’ve been just a liiiiiittle frustrated (or frankly, VERY frustrated).

$7 (Suggested Donation)