Anyone can tell a story!
We produce two different types of shows: The Monti and The Monti StorySLAM.
“I love both The Monti and The Monti StorySLAM.  When I want a guarantee of finely crafted narratives, I go to The Monti; when I want great stories that are raw and unexpected, I go to the SLAMs.  They’re perfect complements!”
Lori Hensley, 2009 Hippo Award Winner
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Upcoming Shows

The Monti
October 29, 2020 at 7:30pm
Outdoor Courtyard
Animal Instincts

We are now accepting pitches for our upcoming live show in the outdoor courtyard of our Executive Director's home. We are looking for ~7 minute stories on the theme of Animal Instincts. This could be a story about an animal encounter, a pet's behavior, or about ways in which your inner animal emerged in an unexpected way.

For guidance on submitting a pitch please refer to this PAGE. Please submit your pitch to We will review and make decisions about pitches as we receive them.