Anyone can tell a story!
We produce two different types of shows: The Monti and The Monti StorySLAM.
“I love both The Monti and The Monti StorySLAM.  When I want a guarantee of finely crafted narratives, I go to The Monti; when I want great stories that are raw and unexpected, I go to the SLAMs.  They’re perfect complements!”
Lori Hensley, 2009 Hippo Award Winner
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The Monti Storytelling Workshop
February 8, 2021 at 7:00pm
Zoom Webinar

Ever wish you can be more engaging with your friends around the firepit? Or how about on that Zoom call where you feel like you just can't hold your listeners' attention in Gallery Mode? (NOTE: You can't always blame it on your internet connection.) Perhaps you need to learn how to tell better stories, to grab your listener from the very first word and hold it through rising conflict and action. Storytelling is everywhere, not just on The Monti stage, and now is a great time to hone your skills.

We are excited to announce The Monti Storytelling Workshop: a three-session intensive workshop that will help to develop a fundamental understanding of the building blocks that make up a story and how can we construct an engaging and relatable story out of one's own life experience. The workshop will include instruction but most of our time will be spent in small groups telling stories and giving/receiving feedback all under the guidance of The Monti producers.

These workshops are fun, moving, and informative. The Monti's Mission is to create community through the telling of stories, and that is very true with our workshop participants. You will learn; you will connect.

The Monti Storytelling Workshop takes place on February 8th, 10th, and 15th from 7pm to 9:30pm via a ZOOM online video conference.

Registration is limited, so do not hesitate to get your spot.